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Paradise Creek Garden  Bradenton, Fl      Nov 2012
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Featured Veggie: Sweetpotatoes

They are the most drought hardy veggie out there, growing well even in the hot Florida summers. No wonder they are the potato of choice in the south.




Featured Fruit:  Pears

Pear trees are a good choice for the backyard as they grow better in lawns than most fruit trees as you need to pick pears before they are ripe; hence they don’t make a mess from dropped fruit




The Herb Patch: Thyme

Thyme is one of the oldest culinary herbs.

It was used by the Chinese 5,000 years ago.



Did You Know?

Pulling weeds, digging in the garden and planting crops can burn 300 calories an hour!



Top: Pear Gorgonzola Salad

(Soups, Salads & Stocks)

Bottom: Sweetpotato Gratin (Sides)

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Why Grow Organic?

It just stands to reason that if we utilize what Mother Nature has already shown us, we can produce food crops through natural means for ourselves.  Organic gardening is just that!


Growing Globe


Cooking 101


They can be as simple as salt and pepper or more complex blends of spices and herbs. Always, seasonings are meant to enhance the flavor, not overwhelm or detract from it.




Organic Gardening 101


Recycle your table scraps, till the soil and fertilize your growing vegetables all at the same time with a mini worm factory.



 Kid's Corner


If you are lucky enough to have worms in your garden soil, help to keep them around

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